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Fretboard and headstock inlay

It started with a love of mountains which gave the name - Peak Guitars. The more I sat with the name, the better I felt it fitted as it not only captures something I love it also sums up the instruments I strive to produce. From spending the time choosing the perfect piece of wood, to hand shaping and carving the body and neck I am for each instrument to be as good as possible, only then is it a Peak Guitar.

After I had settled on the name, I worked with a talented friend to design the logo that you see at the head of the page, and the inlay which graces each headstock.

I offer two different styles of fretboard, one which is based on mother of pearl inlay(s) and the other based on mountain profiles (more on that in a later post). I hand-cut the inlay from pieces of mother of pearl. Mother of pearl is a natural material produced by molluscs and is also the same material from which pearls are composed of. This means that each inlay has subtly different colours and patterns. I then inlay these into the fretboard, most commonly at the 12th Fret.

My logo also makes and appearance in the headstock, where I offer and use a few different options. I can achieve a beautiful matt effect with metal inlay powder, which comes in a range of colours. I also offer brass and hallmarked sterling silver inlays - I will be adding photos of these to the website shortly.

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