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My name is Alistair and I founded Peak Guitars in 2020.  I am a keen skier and most at home in the mountains. This inspired the name and inlay designs I use on most of my guitars. I take my time to handcraft each instrument so each owner can treasure  their own unique instrument, which gives them the best possible playing experience. 

My Story

I have been drawn towards woodwork and making things from a young age, beginning where many did in design and technology at school. Seeking a creative outlet from a desk job, I was drawn back to building furniture in 2013. I began by successfully selling hi-fi stands and filling my home with a range of pieces, from a giant dining table to inlayed jewellery boxes. However, too many items of furniture, be they handmade pieces or commercially produced do not seem to be sufficiently cared for. After a visit to the British Museum, where I saw the Queen's Lyre, made around 2600BC, I decided to combine my love for playing guitar with my desire to create, and went on to build my first instrument on a course at Crimson Guitars. 

Since then I have continued to learn more about making stringed instruments and particularly electric and acoustic guitars, and build a small but varied portfolio of fine instruments. I want each guitar I build to be as good as it can possibly be, so I don't skimp on materials. This begins by visiting luthier suppliers to choose the perfect wood for a guitar, where I look for timber with beautiful natural grain patterns and features. Pairing these with the highest quality components and in particular handwound pickups. I aim for my instruments to not just look amazing, but play and sound amazing. Typically my instruments will have excellent sustain and clarity, with a number of different pickup options allowing for a different tones. 

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