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Ordering a bespoke guitar allows you to perfectly tailor the instrument to your own playing style and sound preference. I offer a number of different customisation options that include. 


  • Drop top or carve top

  • Belly cut

  • Arm bevel

  • Heel (such as rounded over or squared off)


  • Choice of scale lengths

  • Different neck profiles

  • Multi-laminate necks

  • Bound or unbound fretboards 


  • Unique mountain fretboard, which can be customised for favourite mountain range or race profile, such as the Ultra Trail de Mont Blanc (UTMB)

  • Signature mountain fretboard inlays

  • Other inlays on request


  • Inlay in a choice of materials including:

    • Metal powder​

    • Brass

    • Hallmarked sterling silver

    • Hallmarked Gold 


  • Handwound pickups as standard​. Options include vintage (warmer with more mids) or higher output (that give a brighter tone). 


  • Machine heads, bridges, saddles and other parts in a variety  of designs and colours.  

Contact me

If you would like to place an order for a guitar built using one of the above, please complete the form below and I will get back to you. 

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